Recap – Ajax U13 2017 season – mooi seizoen!

Patryk Yadava, Justin Spoor, Jan Mol, Sarah Bal, Dominique Craandijk, Max Fuchs, Daniel Sevenster, Noah Shah, Cedric De Valk, Amy Spoor. The 10 players that played for Ajax U13 in 2017.

In total 11 matches played, 9 in the competitie and 2 friendly matches after the holiday season against HCC2 and Qui Vive.

Results – 6 won, 5 lost – of which 4 against the top 2 teams of Kampong and Sparta_Olympia. Ajax finished a credible 4th in the group of 7.

Looking at some figures:

1. Runs scored from the bat versus total runs made: 625 / 1.082 = 58% (versus 508 / 1.052 48% for tegenstanders)
2. Wides and No balls conceded as % of total runs: 500 = 48% (versus 414 = 42% from tegenstanders)
3. Wickets taken of which bowled or LBW: 59 / 41 = 69%IMG_5727


IMG_4303 (versus 44 / 32 = 73% conceded to tegenstanders)

So batting wise we scored more runs and more positive runs than our opponents. Although we were more prone to getting out clean bowled than our opponents in general. Also in terms of bowling we took more wickets, although the relative amount of wides/no-balls remained an issue for Ajax throughout the season but was not so far off the rate for other teams in general. Still, with the new kooi facilities coming in to the new complex, 2018 should give us more opportunity to improve the bowling consistency as well as defensive batting technique!

A great first season where almost half the team was playing with the hard ball for the first time. Well done to the players!