Jeugd bijeenkomst: maandag 30 maart

As everyone may be aware, a Youth Committee does not exist as such at present. The development of the Youth for Ajax has been highlighted as a key objective and focus area in the overall Ajax Beleidsplan that was presented and approved at the ALV on 13th February. For that, for sure, we will need an effective and strong Youth Committee! In the meantime, we also have many parents and other members of Ajax who are doing a great job helping out in what needs to get done, for example in the Indoor Winter Training and in getting ready for the Summer Competition. On Monday 30th March we will have a meeting of all who are interested in the Youth development. Whilst this is primarily aimned for the parents and players, anyone who has in the past or is interested in future in helping out with Youth development activities is very welcome to join us. If you are interested please let us know at The meeting will be from 20:00 till 22:30 at the Ajax Clubhuis. The beginning will see a tutor from the KNCB who will come and talk the group through the basics of Umpiring and Scoring. Many of us who have experience playing cricket know and understand this, but for many who do not, this will be very interesting and useful to know. The rest of the agenda will cover the Summer competition organisation, ideas for a Jeugd beleidsplein with specific focus on attracting new members and holding onto existing members. As mentioned earlier, if interested please come along – the more the merrier!